Art school in Umbria


2 weeks seminar in September

Whether you've been working with art for many years or just getting started, a seminar at the Art School in Umbria will surely be a great educational experience. Art can be experienced on so many levels. - You could be immersed in your own painting, of soft valleys and rolling mountains - creating balance between light and shadow in a piece of marble, with hammer and chisel - catching the colors of fall in a newly picked vineyard - The search for the right lines, 

to reproduce on paper the fascinating face of an italian model  - The scent coming from the traditional Umbrian kitchen as your next meal is being prepared - The aroma of newly opened wine from a local farmer - Your curiosity to explore what is hidden around the next corner, in the narrow streets of a small hill town. All these things combined, are part of what makes our journey in Umbria so special. - Inspiration for your artwork for many years to come.

Doglio, our home in Italy

Doglio is a small medieval town in the region Umbria

We will be working in different materials - clay, stone, marble and wood. On our trip to Perugia we will visit the art academy, to study sculpture masterpieces, from the italian Renaissance 

Our school is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Italy, you will be surrounded by breathtaking views, all there for you to interpret onto your canvas - guided by our teacher Ole Daniels Jakobsen

We will be drawing from the model, using charcoal, red pencil and other tools of the old masters - bring whatever materials you prefer, we provide drawingboards


Field trips

During the 2 week program, we will make trips to some of the most beautiful and inspiring places that Umbria has to offer - visit museums, art galleries, local artists and churches decorated with early renaissance paintings